Stephanie at Monet Events approached me last year, asking me if I could do a make-up trial for her wedding day.

‘Of course I can’ I said

‘Great’ she said, ‘oh, but one there’s one thing…’


‘Please don’t use any products that have been tested on animals’


‘Err, yes fine, no problem at all’ I said


‘…Surely companies wouldn’t do that today?’

This was a turning point for me in my career as a Make-Up Artist.

A quick search online and suddenly I was met with pages and pages of articles about the subject. I couldn’t even look at the pictures.

I realised very quickly that animal testing in the beauty industry is still, very much common practice.

It might be shocking to learn that animal testing is required by law in China for all foreign cosmetics companies. This means that all the big American and European cosmetics brands that are currently sold in China, must undergo animal testing. Some of these big brands include MAC, Clinique, and even Benefit.

I’ve always been interested in using ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ products, but I must admit, naively (I’m embarrassed to say) the animal testing bit had fallen off the radar. Not because I didn’t care. It was because I thought that it was something that USED to happen. I grew up as a teenager seeing all The Body Shop campaigns in the 90’s. I really couldn’t imagine that animals were still being used for something like this.

After my conversation with Stephanie (of which I will be eternally grateful for) I went home, looked at my kit and realised that pretty most all of the well-known and brands I’d been using fell into the ‘animal cruelty’ category.

I felt sick. A wave of guilt washed over me…

When I mentioned this to friends, it seems like I wasn’t the only one under the impression that animal testing was a thing of yesteryear.

I also realised, after a bit of digging, there’s a lot of misleading information in the public domain. This makes it easy to assume products are cruelty free until you scratch beneath the surface.

Now, I’m on a bit of a mission; to gradually replace all those products I’d come to love over the years with new products that fall into the cruelty free category. The more natural ingredients the better. Organic? I’m all over it.

It’s not going to be an overnight thing; I’ve a lot of kit to replace. But slowly and surely, as one item goes, another comes in. This time purchased with a clear conscious and with a more informed choice.

I want this blog to be a resource for you to make informed decisions when it comes to buying your make-up. As I slowly replace my kit, I’m going use this page to tell you all about the brilliant products I find along the way.

I also want to show you that buying natural and cruelty free does not mean that you have to compromise excellent quality as I’ve found out over the past few months.

And for those who were wondering, Stephanie’s trial went well. I was proud to be her Make-Up Artist on her wedding day.

I not only gained a beautiful bridal client, but also more purpose to a job I already love to do.