I came across this company a few months ago and it’s now one my hero brands

Not only is S5 Skincare cruelty free, products are also packed with natural and organic ingredients. Their serum is one of the few skin care products that I’ve used and seen a noticeable difference straight away.

The S5 serum range; I’m totally in love with it and here’s why

Suitable for sensitive skin and free from all the little nasties you should try to avoid (Parabens, SLS/SLES, PEGS, DEA, Mineral Oil, Silicon, Propylene Glycol, GMO and Synthetic fragrances) all of the S5 serums contain high levels of active ingredients collected from extreme ecosystems such as alpine, arctic, desert, marine and rainforest.

The plants sourced from these regions have adapted to flourish in extreme climates.

According to S5 Skincare, this means they’re ‘equipped to protect against and reverse signs of stress in skin, making them extremely powerful bio actives’.

Why do I need serum when I’ve got my moisturiser?

Serum is made up of smaller molecules than moisturiser. This means it can penetrate deeper into the skin and deliver a good dose of active ingredients more effectively. Moisturiser instead tends to form a barrier to help skin retain its hydration.

I often keep a few of the smaller sized bottles tucked away in my kit as I honestly find that whether I work with private clients or professional models, more often than not their skin will either be sensitive to touch, dry, acne prone or a little dull.

Using this product is a fabulous way to treat any of these problems and help improve the appearance of the skin immediately whist I prepare it for make-up application.

Each serum is designed to work on a specific issue: blemishes, sensitivity, ageing, dryness and pigmentation. They can be used alone, or if like me, you suffer from more than one issue, you can create your own bespoke regime by mixing and matching several serums together to create a truly personalised treatment.

After a bit of research, I discovered that the S5 range is actually developed by the same team who also developed natural range NUDE skincare; http://www.nudeskincare.com/ and organic range; Evolve Beauty http://www.evolvebeauty.co.uk/

Laura Rudoe, Founder and Head of Research at S5 says,

‘There is a natural solution for every skin problem and it’s just a matter of finding it’s equivalent in nature and tapping into exactly how the problem has been solved’.

‘Every day skin is subject to multiple stresses including free radicals, pollution, UV and multiple exposure to chemicals’.

‘Healthy conditioned skin takes it in it’s stride but reactive skin gets stressed causing a cascade of inflammation that causes even more damage and so the cycle continues. The S5 range is designed to break the cycle, allowing skin to recover and re-condition’.

S5 have 5 serums in total; Renew Serum, Illuminate Serum, Replenish Serum, Calm Serum.

How to use it

Apply your S5 serum either on its own, mixed together with another S5 serum, before your current moisturiser or mixed together with it (another great thing about this product – it’s so versatile!).

Use your fingertips to gently massage the serum into your skin in a very gentle rolling motion. Press the serum gently for maximum effect.

Personally, I’ve been using a mixture of Calm and Renew. I’ve found that the redness my skin is much less obvious and fine lines look a little less visible too and I absolutely love it!

Initially you might think the S5 range might appear quite pricey, but just 2 to 3 drops will go such a long way.

You can order your sample kits here; goo.gl/r9pVym

I’m definitely sold x